Everything moves easy

The xLogistics WMS is the intelligent ally in logistics that resolves
the needs of automation of operations in warehouses in
a simple manner, marking tendencies in the market.

xLogistics Keep it simple

The operative automation of your warehouse in a precise and intuitive manner. With simplified options, it moves, orders and resolves everything in your warehouse.

• Charts and graphs of:
 — Pending orders
 — Stock progress
 — Fill Rate Forecast
 — Occupation of the warehouse
 — Productivity in the last 8 hours of the personnel or pending receipts
• Alerts of products about to expire
• Arrangement of the product through transfers made by the system according to the storage rules.
• Guided distribution to optimize product stocking
• 100% accuracy of inventory and inventory location

xLogistics Pay what is fair

Our WMS is through a monthly rent.
With included updates and no extra payments
for support and maintenance.

• You can use it during more than one shift
• Unlimited transactions
• Unlimited extraction of information of reports that you need
• Overflow at the close of the month? Don´t pay the entire month; you can pay for just one week.

xLogistics Lightweight and powerful

The entire functionality of a WMS in the cloud with the possibility of operating it from a Smartphone, a Tablet, a PC or a radio frequency device.

• With minimum access to internet, you maximize your operation
• Don´t worry if you lost time, at least your information was not taken; it´s still secure
• Did you forget your machine? Ask to borrow one and continue working
• Move your product with the adequate business rules
• Consult the information inherent to your product, personnel, your machines, your storage occupation, your appointments, your shipments
• You can request personalized reports

xLogistics Your support 24/7

The support site has a search engine to respond to your doubts, which is online 24 hours a day.

• Process diagrams
• Instructions of the system
• Logistical terminology and its implementation in the system
• All in the same place: the xLogistics support site
• Doubts at 12 O´clock at night on a holiday? The online support site is with you.

Real time
operation reports

Instantly obtain strategic information regarding the operation of your warehouse through simplified graphs of the KPIs.

xLogistics, Polanco, Ciudad de México
Tel.: +52(55)5534.4565